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Our Guarantee

Package was returned to OOVOV.
The customer is responsible for all customs and tax issues and verifying the accuracy of the address. If the package is returned due to any of the following reasons, a replacement will require a redelivery fee and if you want a refund, certain amount of delivery fee will be deducted according to the order value.
1. Returned due to incomplete/wrong address provided by customer
2. Returned by the destination country’s Customs
3. Returned due to non-delivery: customer does not pick up the package at the local post
4. Returned due to refusal of the package by customer
If the package is returned due to wrongly printed address on the package, the replacement will be free or it will be completely refunded. Please request a resend or refund here.
The package does not contain all the ordered items.
It is likely you received a partial shipment. This means one or more of the items in your order is not currently available so the in-stock portion of your order was sent first. The rest of your order will be sent later. To verify you received a partial shipment log into your OOVOV Account and look for multiple numbers under the Shipment column.
If you did not receive a partial shipment and are in fact missing an item then please contact us here.
What is the RMA & returns procedure?
Please do not discard the mailing envelope and product packaging. Pictures of the proceeding items are needed when contacting OOVOV.
Always contact OOVOV and wait for instructions before returning anything.
1) Select an appropriate contact form here
2) Take and upload the requested pictures.
3) Wait for OOVOV to reply and follow the instructions.
Do not close the CSE form until you issue has been resolved.
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