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What are coupons?
Coupons are a great way of saving extra on your orders. On Oovov,  you can find three kinds of coupons:
Ⅰ. OOVOV coupons
You can use this coupon on any regularly priced item on our website.
Want to know if you have any oovov coupons? You can find them Here .
Ⅱ. oovov community coupon
You can use this coupon on any regularly priced item on our website.
You can get the latest coupons through coupon websites, Facebook, twitter, blogs, forums, etc.
Ⅲ. oovov reward coupons
You can use this coupon on any regularly priced item on our website.
You can get different coupons by writing articles on blogs and forums, participating in sharing and reposting on facebook, twitter, etc., and commenting on pictures or videos of purchased products.
Why cannot I get discount?
If you cannot get discount, please check below reasons:
A limited amount of discounts are available. Distributed on a first come, first served basis, you may not get discount when it is out of stock.
Check the deadline of discount. As we always have various activities on OOVOV, you can join other activities to get coupons and discounts.
Check if you meet the minimum spending requirements. For example, if it shows "US $5.00 off per US $50.00", it means you can get the US $5 discount only when your order value is over US $50.
Kind Note: Currently, Russian and Spanish sellers do not accept OOVOV discount.
I did not receive my coupon, what can I do?
Currently, you can click Here and select different tag such as "oovov Coupons", "oovov Select Coupon" to find coupons under your account.
If you don't find the coupon under your account, please check below possible reasons:
Check whether the campaign is still valid. It may has not yet started or already expired.
Check whether the coupon is issued based on first come, first served basis. The coupon may already run out and you can try earlier in next round.
Why cannot I use my coupon?
1. Is your coupon still valid? You can find out by going to My Coupons.
If the coupon status says Expired or Used, this means that you can’t use the coupon anymore.
2. Are you meeting the minimum spending requirements?
For example, if a coupon is only valid for orders over US $40, but the total order value is only $25, you can’t use the coupon.
3. Have you checked the coupon terms?
Some coupons are only valid on our app/website or can be used for specific items only.
4. Check whether you bought an item from a certain seller
Some of these sellers can unfortunately not accept coupons yet.
5. Please ensure the currency of the order meet the currencey of the coupon you want to use.
If the currency of your order is different from the currncy of the coupon, you can't use it when you place an order.
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